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Front disc Brakes (4 & 5 Lug)

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Im starting a new topic that most of us have thought about at one time or another. What to do with the front brakes? There are options out there but I want to limit this to what has ( already) been done. There are two sub sections to this topic. Pre 1974 cars and post 1974 cars. As I understand it, there are a bunch of choices for 1974 and up cars and very little choices for 71-73 cars. Lets discuss both. We can talk about the popular choices, i.e. Wilwood, SSbrake,US brakes etc. and the factory type i.e. Granada etc. Rember, this ( should) be about what you HAVE done or ARE doing now, as apposed to what you heard.

I don't think there are a lot of choices for disc brakes if you want to keep the four lug wheel.
I have been looking for a larger brake based on the  stock four lug Mustang/Pinto rotor.
There seems to be no one willing to offer one of the street rod 11" kits based on the stock rotor.
If you want a 5 lug set up its no problem for the 74 up cars........I dom't

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.


Thanks for the reply. Based on the amount of responce to this post I will modify it to include ( Ideas ) of what might work on early cars both 4 and 5 lug.

 So, this is what I am thinking about. After looking at ALL ( or at least most) of the options available to the 71-73 cars, I am thinking about doing a Granada 5 lug rotor with Willwood 4 puck calipers and MAKING my own brackets. This will give me 11", 5 lug rotors and a good light weight caliper. I think you could do a stock 9" rotor and use an after market caliper for a 9" rotor and make an adapter. The problem with most caliper adapter's are that they are a plate, that mounts on the spindle. Depending on how thick the plate is AND if the rotor is any wider ( front to back) moves the whole assy. out board. This moves the wheel out and starts to mess with your wheel clearence to the fender. A bracket that bolts to the stock mounting position would help with this issue. Then, only the rotor would move the wheel out ( if any). Let me know your thoughts on the Granada rotor/ Willwood Idea.

Late model Pinto (74/80) front  brakes can be put onto a 71/73 Pinto two ways. The 74/80 calipers can be adapted to the 71/73 spindals with a little machine work. Or the entire unit (spindal/caliper/rotor) can be adapted by useing different ball joints/tie rod ends. Changing the entire unit is the best way. I've done both with better brakes both ways.


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