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Front disc Brakes (4 & 5 Lug)

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[quote author=dick1172762    "The 74/80 calipers can be adapted to the 71/73 spindals with a little machine work. Or the entire unit (spindal/caliper/rotor) can be adapted by useing different ball joints/tie rod ends. Changing the entire unit is the best way. I've done both with better brakes both ways.

 Please explain how this would work on my 1972 Pinto wagon - thanks

While there may be others that may answer this question sadly we have pretty much determined that Dick 1172762 had passed away a number of years ago. He was a Pinto racer for many years and thus I assume if the alteration was mentioned by him, it likely was capable of being done. Hopefully someone will be able to verify for you. It would be a solution for the rare and pricey 71-73 rotors.

Thanks again - I'll keep looking and learning -



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