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Front disc Brakes (4 & 5 Lug)

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Thanks for the info Dick. I have purchased a pair of Granada rotors and will be starting the swap soon ( 1973 Pangra). As allways I will have a ton of pictures and all the measurments you will need.

 Ok, Ive got the Granada rotors on. Here are some pictures of the rotor swap with measurements. This first pic is of the stock 9", 4 lug 1973 rotor. The distance between the top A arm and the wheel mounting surface is 3 3/4 "

This pic showes the stock unit and the distance between the top A arm and the rotor surface. This measurement is 2".

 Next, the rotor was fitted with bearings and pre fitted on the spindle. It was determined that the dust shield, where it fits around the back side of the rotor, hits. This does not alow the rotor to slide all the way on. SO, off went the dust shield.

 Now, with the dust shield off the rotor was installed. I used the SAME berrings and rear seal out of my stock unit. Yes they do fit and are the same size.


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