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for those with 1972 Pintos or Fords Link to the 72 Ford Wiring and Vacuum book



At least on my computer this has to be downloaded, for some reason I can't just open PDF files in a web page.

Oh, it is about 15Meg.

Found it while looking for stuff for my 72 Ranchero, but it includes ALL 72 Fords. Yes, even Pintos.  ;D

Hope this helps others.


If you put your cursor (sp?) near the bottom a row of chummy things pop up.
Left one looks like a file. Left click it & save to a file, desk top or where ever.

I have a copy now - Thank you !

thanks Russ!
Had been looking for electrical diagrams for some time.
Search now ended!

74 PintoWagon:
Got my copy, thanks for posting that Russ..


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