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clunk in front suspension solved...


Clunk in pinto front suspension...

If you have a clunk in your front suspension and have checked all the obvious things like ball joints, tie rod ends, bushings and the clunk is still there, check the bolts that secure the lower shock mount in the lower control arm.

This connection has no rubber bushing, is solid metal to metal, and if the bolt is not tightened enough, it allows  just enough movement between the lower shock mount and the bolt when encountering a bump or pothole to cause a clunk. This clunk is transferred to the control arm and to the vehicle frame.. which amplifies it like a drum.

I replaced the shocks about a  year ago and started noticing the clunk several months ago. I struggled to find the clunk for about a month before I thought to check the shock mount,

This morning I checked the bolt and sure enough it was tightened at about 30 ft lb.

I re torqued it (probably excessively) to about 60 ft lb and now no clunk..

hope this helps..


If the rubber bushing inside the lower shock mount goes away, it'll do the same thing. Been there / done that.


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