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Camshafts 101

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Although I dont profess to know everything about Cams I will share some basic info with the group to help better understand  just what you are reading in a cam spec.

This is the amount of time, in cramshaft degrees that the valve is open. Most often , duration is expressed  as an " advertised" number, which, for purposes of comparing one cam to another is almost completely useless.

Duration at .050":
This is a know constant way of measuring duration. Unfortunately, some manifactures dont use it. The valve event is measured from .050" lift, on the opening ramp to .050" lift on the closing ramp of the cam lobe. If the cams you are considering using are measured this way, then you can directly compare one to another.

simpley put, The amount that the valve is open in either inches or mm.

Lobe seperation:
The distance between the intake, and exhaust centerline in cam degrees.

What does a preformance cam do for me?

Generally speaking, the duration will determine the useful RPM range of your engine. As duration is increased, the power band moves up in the RPM range. What you gain on one end, you lose on the other.

Increasing the lift will almost always result in increased torque and horsepower. It has been said that lift= torque and horsepower.

lobe seperation.
Decreasing the lobe seperation ( moving the lobes closer to each other) will benefit low, and lower midrange torque and hoursepower, but create a rougher idle, and peakier torque curve. Increasing the lobe centerline will reduce overlap, broden the torque curve, provide a smoother idle and better top end power.

In the next section, Cams 102, I will attempt to provide you with a good selection of cam manufacturers, cam specs and what application the cams are good for.

This looks like the information that will lead to "breathing" a little life into the 2.0 engine.  Yes??

So where is section 2 on camshafts?????

coming soon.......... .. ;D

That is a good explantion on cams,  What would be good for quick hole shots, not really looking for top end but I want to be able to lite up the tires, I just cant get enough burnouts
 thanks, bpanman


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