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Best carpet fitment ?????

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Im looking to order a carpet kit for my 80 pinto wagon but not sure witch company to order it from for best fitment and price. Also I cant seem to find a company that offers a complete kit including the rear cargo area.
Any help is appreciated.

Try the search. Topic came up before. Cannot remember what was for wagons though.

dick1172762: and tell them you want extra carpet on each side for a better fit.

IF..., money is an object try Lowes/Home Depot etc. for black indoor/outdoor carpet.  I use it in ALL my cars. It is a dollar something a sq. ft..  I just lay it out on the floor and being a TV production guy use sandbags to weigh the carpet to contour (you could just fill plastic bags with sand).  I then cut the carpet to whatever it seems to need. If the carpet bunches up and needs to be cut I generally fold 180 degrees so the extra forms a ridge, then I cut the center of the ridge so the pieces overlap. Otherwise if you cut it near an edge it can easily show a gap.

WARNING Will Robinson, Warning!!! If you cut your own carpet to fit be aware that the Pinto sill plates are very thin.  Make sure the extra goes well outside the door.  I had pulled my plates a long time prior and envisioned them like a normal plate that normally drops 90 degrees over the internal edge. Thus I cut the carpet about an inch short!  I had to resort to using galvanized roof edging to extend the metal sill and cover the too short cut point. It looks OK, but to me it still screams STUPID!

I used a kit from a on line company called "Stockinteriors .com " on both of my pintos , one was just simple black was fine and looked good because the inside was Black, the Sedan was odd , odered Black but it did not look right so I got their color sample kit and got one that matched perfect , ordered the extra insulation also so I would have a quiet car and it is ,the fit was great too, molded to fit the car , best to do it on a hot day after you unbox the carpit and let it set in the sun for a day or or so the folds will go away ,


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