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Best carpet fitment ?????

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I truley appreciate all the advice.

Thank  you all


Finally got it .... I ordered it from OC Auto Carpets(855-622-8862. It fits and is formed to all contours near perfect.
Just as a little hint to anyone interested in ordering there carpet.... Remove the installation jute from the top of the center hump from the front of the emergency brake handle base to the back seat. Its Way to thick. I added my own heat sheilded sound deadening in that area. The color was exact ( 850 chamios) and the price was very reasonable at 119 plus shipping = 149.00 to the door.
Thanks to everyone who responded and hope this help someone
Wish I could post pics but jusy wont let me

1972 Wagon:
Did the price include the wagon cargo area as well? The carpet in my wagon cargo area disintegrated many years ago from exposure to the Florida sun. Also, what did you use for the heat shield over the middle hump? Were the sections for the emergency brake and transmission pre-cut? Thanks for posting that you are satisfied with your purchase and the installation tips as this is on my list of things to do. Arlette

No holes where precut and nocompany that I contacted offers that. I searched alot. Also no company offers preformed or cut for the cargo area. But OC offers there carpet by the yard. I havent ordered it yet but its on my to do list. As for heat and sound deadening for top of the hump I used peel n seal frm lowesin the roofing isle and topped that  with duct installation also from lowes. Home depot also carries the same. Works great and made a noticeable difference in the pavment noise and the heat.
Very satisfied

1972 Wagon:
Thanks for the additional installation information. Last week I bought 1/4" thick rubber matting from Tractor Supply for the cargo area. It does keep things from sliding around and helps with sound deadening. I figure that I can always lay carpet over it for a better look.


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