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adjustable cam timing gear 2.0


   I am interested in finding out if anyone out there has fabricated their own , I am aware that I can buy one overseas but would like to hear of anybody that has modified the stock ones to be adjustable. I am thinking that I can modify two to make one adjustable. (yes I am cheap) Or can anyone tell me the specific differences between the 2.0 and 2.3 cam gears. (early motors) .Thank you

I haven't done it myself, but here is a link to someone who has (assumed 2.0, not the Lima engine).  Just guessing but I'd assume it has 10-15 degrees each way plus and minus.

  It might be that there is a general value that offers a noticeable benefit.  My daily driver is a 2000 Mazda Protege 1.6.  I damaged the lower pulley flange when I didn't tighten the lower pulley crank bolt enough.  It beat the slot and just a few degrees retarded made things way under-powered until about 4,500 RPM.  When I did the repair I opted to advance the intake cam 3 degrees and ignition the timing 4 degrees advanced.  Just those two changes made the world of difference in how the car performs.

In this case the Mazda cam is pinned rather than slotted. This allowed me to file the opening in an advancing direction.  I did similar with the four bolt holes on the crank timing reluctor for the ignition.  In this case the decision for 3 degrees cam/intake advance and the 4 degrees ignition advance were sourced from Miata sites that use a very similar 1.6 engine.  Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that this was all free and only required a file. In the 2.0 case you may be able to source offset keys for a common value many have found gains at.  On the other hand if you have the machines, skill and time go for it. I have great admiration for those who craft rather than buy.

Thank you so much for that link , just what I was thinking, only going to use two to made one, luckily they are cheap and available. I just cant broach the keyways but did see that some are just slotted deeper into the center bore and not cut square, thinking about this I realized that it doesn't have to be. Gonna give it a shot next week.

Funny, that I didn't even know about that link until your post. I found it shortly after reading it.  Let us know how it goes it seems like an interesting project i have thought of myself. But without all the necessary tools I need to live these ideas out through others efforts.  LOL


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