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Title: A sanity check for me for the V8 swap please
Post by: russosborne on September 02, 2014, 01:01:56 AM
I've read the threads. I just want to verify a couple of things.

1. If you use the Pinto 2.3 frame mounts (moving the driver's side one inch) or the Mustang 11 frame mounts, the only engine (rubber) mount useable is the Mustang II V8 mounts, which seem to be unobtainable other than somewhere like Ebay.
Is this correct?

Reeves1 posted how he did his with Speedway Motors mounts that bolt to the heads. This seems to be a decent solution with decent pricing, but I think it may prevent you from using the reversed Mustang shorty headers, although I am not sure. Just basing that on where they mount.

Anyone have any other ways of doing it short of using a plate?

2. I might as well forget about using the front sway bar because it will interfere with the oil pan. :( Correct as well? Are the any aftermarket bars that might work?

3. This one I am still not sure about. Doing this to a 74. With the 302 and a C4 there is no need to hammer the firewall/tunnel according to everything I've read. How about with a 302/5.0 and a T5? I have seen people say they are going to use this combo, but I haven't yet found anyone who has and has posted. But I am still searching.

I know about using an electric fan, having to be creative to get the engine in the bay without cutting the radiator support, needing an 8 inch rear, hood pins, etc. 8)
 I just wanted to verify the above stuff.

Back to searching.  ;D