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Does anybody know what the difference between the early 1973 and under pinto a arms . Compared to the 74 and up. I do know the spindles different and the rotor and caliper are different. It looks like the bottom a arm is longer on the 74 and up by an inch.

I'm just wondering if anybody installed new tubular a-arms on their 73 and under Pinto? because the only ones I could find say 74 in up

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It's a totally different design.
You might be able to adapt the newer ones, but it is not a bolt on of any sort.
There's got to be some previous posts on that subject around here somewhere.

Ok thanks. And yes they are a little different the Pinto a arms are little  shorter than the Mustang2/ Pinto. And also the cross member is different 2. I think it'll will be interesting to know how much it will take to get them to work

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I can tell you for sure the LCA bushings from a 74+ are much wider than the '73-. I think it would be safe to say that the 74+ LCAs are wider at the crossmember than the 73-.


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