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71 spindle to 74 spindle

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--- Quote from: oldkayaker on January 26, 2019, 06:50:04 AM ---Thanks for the follow up.  Just wondering, could shortening the adapter bushing from the large end, allow it to slide further down on to the TRE taper and remove the slop?  Also make sure the adaptor bushing does not protrude from the spindle steering arm top to avoid interference with the nut.

Another person was trying the adapter bushing but did not give final results:
Note his 1973 spindle steering arm came with the same larger taper size as the 74-80 Pinto spindles.

--- End quote ---

I just read the noted other attempt as mentioned in the link. He says, "This will allow the use of 73 spindles (this is what I am using on my 71) or 74 and up spindles." So, like the one year only steering rack used in '73 was this some oddball spindle as well???  My Pinto is a '73 and does that aspect increase or decrease the use of the '74 and up pieces?

 Specifically what works with what regarding '74 parts fitting on a '73?

1.  A-arms?

2. Spindles?

3. Rotors?

4. Calipers?

Your 73 steering rack is unique to that year.  The 73 tie rods are 9/16" diameter while the 71-72 used 1/2" tie rods.  Due to the 73 larger tie rods, it uses the same tie rod end as the 74-80 which is also 9/16" 18tpi (same part number for manual steering).  To accept the larger tie rod end, the 73 spindle steering arm taper hole is larger like the 74-80.  So the 73 spindle is unique to that year also.  The 74 A-arms will not physically fit the 73 with out extensive modification.  I have read some people have bolted in the later spindle to use the later rotor and caliper, but it changes the geometry and raises the front about an inch.

Thanks Jerry. I never knew the tie rod ends and spindles were different. Sadly not different enough (for 74 up brakes). I get that the 74 up Pinto/Mustang II was in development but it seems odd that the '73 was so different from the 71-72 cars.

Oh well, it all works and I was wise enough to get a very decent spare set of rotors from Pick Your Part (I think the set was about $8 out the door) so given I drive the Pinto about 200-300 miles a year, I think I'm set for life.


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