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71 spindle to 74 spindle

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im trying to figure out what the deal is.
so 71-80 spindals are the same, meaning that the rotors off a 71 will fit and 80 and 76 rotors will fit a 72.
i know that when i got the rotors from the parts store they where way!!! taller
meaning when i set them on the work bench and compared they where at least 1/4 taller.

so my guess is the spindals have to be different, they use different rotors here are the specs.
the first one is a 71-73 and the second is the 74-80!


--- Quote from: oldkayaker on July 24, 2012, 11:19:47 AM --- ".  The 74+ spindle tapered tie rod hole is larger than the 71-72 tie rod end.  So reaming it out will not fix this mismatch."
just a thought (regardless of the rotor mismatch) could it be that the 74 + tie rod ends can be used with the 71-72 rack? are the thread specs as well as length, the same?

--- End quote ---

bbobcat75, Thanks for those rotor details.  I had thought the hub size was the only difference.
Srt, the 71-72 tie rod is 1/2" by 20 while the 79 I have measures about 9/16"? by 18.  I thought these were supposed to be metric cars?   The lengths are about the same.  Flamming River who sells 71-72 racks said most people use a straight bolt to attach a heim joint to the spindle steering arm on race cars.  The 71-72 spindle tapered steering hole looks like it could be drilled out to a straight 1/2" hole.  I believe the durability of a quality heim joint on a daily driver would be okay, but have no experience.

no problem oldkayaker.
i have been trying to figure out why the rotors i got at he parts stores would not fit my 78, and the only thing i can figure out is that someone has put 71-73 spindals on my 78, got a set of rotors from pintoman for a 72 he had and they fit perfectly, the 74-80 are tooo tall, when you put the center nut on the spindal the rotor is way!!! to loose, so my conclusion is that they are way diiferent!! hope this helps anyone out there!!!


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