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Title: 2.3 turbo swap for old guy
Post by: pahrumpguy on February 25, 2012, 11:48:04 PM
Is it impossible to keep power steering, power brakes and A/C in a 77 pinto when doing a turbo swap? I have a v6 crusing wagon that I would like to build as my daily driver but don't want to lose the ps and pb. I live near Las Vegas and would need air too. I intend to use a Vintage Air underdash unit so 02 sensor issues shouldn't be a problem.
I would like to improve performance and mileage over the V6/C3 combo.What kind of mileage are turbo swapped cars capable of? I am drifting back and forth from the turbo swap to just adding a mild cam and a t5 to the V6. Any opinions?   Thanks
Title: Re: 2.3 turbo swap for old guy
Post by: D.R.Ball on February 27, 2012, 03:08:33 PM
The power brakes should not change and the A/C blower should be the same as the 2.3 however I'm not 100% on that. If you want to put a T-5 on the V-6 you have to find an rare bell housing however, the European V-6 in the Pinto is not the same as the later V-6's with the T-5 I think...Check out the Merkur Scorpio it had a 5 speed T-9 or Auto, that's the same engine and it had EFI etc...Or you can try to fit the 4.0 and trans from a late model Ford Ranger, it should fit(Trans tunnel might be too narrow ?).I have heard any where on the milage from 19 city to 30 on highway...
Title: Re: 2.3 turbo swap for old guy
Post by: arkyt on February 29, 2012, 09:10:39 PM
Okay, here's my limited info.  The turbo should not change your mileage negatively.  It may improve it, if you can keep your foot out of it.  My CW V8 gets almost the same mileage as my cammed 4.  Wagon versus sedan, bigger tires vs smaller, I'd say even when i don't put the foot down.

I would much appreciate any info on the air when you put it in.  My wife would go to more shows and cruises if we had in the CW.