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2.0 valve stem height specs?

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  I believe I'll have to be in dire need of something before I make another order overseas. I tried my best to explain that dimensionally the spring for higher lift will (or should anyhow) measure within the tolerance given (+/- .010") for both springs, and being visually identical the true test would be to check the springs IN MY POSESSION w/ a pressure gage & test @ the inst. height given for the "stock-style" spring; then it would be clear (to them) that they provided me with the wrong ones. I was assured they were correct because they " have many boxes of those particular springs...sell many...never had any complaints."
I just couldn't get my point across that it's possible someone accidentally put the wrong springs in my pkg, & considering all the red tape & (handling fee, shipping, reasons for refusal w/extra fees laid onto me, etc.) I decided to bite the bullet & never do business with them again.
  Now that I got that rant out of my system, we'll return to the present topic. I recently realized the problems w/ using an installed height spec. while using a cam w/ a smaller B.C. and higher lift; my ordeal w/ Burton left me emotionally drained so I'll have to gather my bearings before I can make rational thought. I did find & order some springs (in the U.S.) from Brian @ Racer Walsh. I'm also awaiting other parts & tooling soon so I might change gears for a short while - work on something else while I'm waiting for my pkg.s. That should give my batteries enough time to recharge.   

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