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1974 Pinto Wagon V8 Swap


To all: Really need some clarification on which frame mounts needed to be used for this swap. I bought some MII V8 frame mounts and motor mounts. The frame mounts for the MII only have two bolts that can be used to bolt to the frame. The other two have 90 degree bends which you cannot use. On my 74 wagon with the 2.3 liter the mounts are flat and are held by four bolts. Am I supposed to use the 4 cylinder frame mounts with the MII V8 motor mounts. Also am I only supposed to move the drivers side motor mount back 1 inch and leave the passenger side alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don ;D

I'm posting here to see whether it works or not.  It appears that somebody moved the topic from the General Help section to FAQ.  I don't know who did that, or why; it was not me!  I've asked Scott to look into it.


dead pony racing:
hello I have a 1974 pinto wagon. did the v8 swap back in 1981 the stock pinto frame mounts work but you must move the driver side mount back one inch. use the mustang II rubber mounts on the engine take the tranny crossmember  and flip it around. hooker headers used to give descent instructions but I can't find mine


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