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UPDATE new california law concerning older 'vintage' autos

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For those of you in California this may be of interest. A new law has been passed governing the license plates of certain year model 'vintage' cars.
plates are now available:

Wow, Jerry Brown a gear head enthusiast??? Not sure if this is good for those wanting old looking plates or bad for those who restore them.   At the Ford Towe Museum in Sacramento there is the 70's era Jerry Brown Govenor's car.  Rejecting a Limo he selected a powder blue 4 door Plymouth Satellite from the State motor pool. He did so for the same reason he refuse to live in the Governor's mansion.  Wish he would do the same about the "Bullet Train."


I like that idea!  It beats the heck out of Virginia's Antique Vehicle plates!

LOL Tom!  ;D

I'm glad I'm getting personalized plates for my "new" wagon, but if I couldn't get the message I wanted, I would've opted for the new "old" blue n gold plates for that '70s vintage look. The sad thing is, the plates would be shinier than the car they're on! lol  ;D

But cars can be made shiny again!!!



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