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On the history channel this show (Top Gear) had an episode featuring the of the worlds unsafest cars. There was a competition to see which on was the safest. The 74 Pinto won The Suzuki swift second the Corvair last.The things they did to the cars was crazy. On the BBC Canada channel the also have a similar show but use European cars.The episode called 50 years of James Bond cars. There was a small clip of the Flying Pinto. If the would have seen the real car before it went into production it would have been in the movie.

71pintok:   try this clip out

I missed the Top Gear US challenge but was stoked when the Mizar was mentioned in the BBC Bond cars episode, I had a Hornet hatch like the one they showed like 18 years ago but mine was green and didn't barrel roll in the air. Hoping for a rerun of the one with the 'unsafe' cars challenge!


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