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I just received a phone call from the Canadian Discovery Channel. They" might "be doing a documentary titled "old cars lemons and lovers" I'm not sure about all the details yet, it's in the production stage, but what i think they want is to talk to people who think Pintos, and other cars ie Pacers etc. are lemons and people that love them to death like myself and everyone else in this club.If it goes to production I'll make Pinto's chariots of the gods, and I will be wearing my Ford hat if they will put me on film. I talked to her for over an hour and she loved the history of my car and thinks I'm worthy to represent us . Wish me luck.

P.S somebody  find poison pinto aka Joel moyer

Very COOL Henry,
 Keep us posted on this issue.
 From Pintony

Cool, keep us posted Henry!!

Talked to Pam on Friday and she said I'm DEFFINETLY going to be in this programme. She asked me a little about my self and about . I'll be talking to her this week, maybe to set up an interview. I'll try to promote the sight as much as possible.I'll keep you posted.

I got another phone call form The Canadian Discover Channel on Friday..It's still in the production stage, and what they tell me it may take another month to sell it to the C.S.C Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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