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Scott Hamilton quoted in 6/3/2005 New York Times article


I don't have any online reference for this article, but I do subscribe to the actual printed version, and in the Friday, June 3, 2005 edition, in the "Escapes" section (Section F), there was an article entitled "A Club for Every Car, Even the Pinto," written by Dan McCosh. It focused on "oddball" car clubs, such as a King Midget club, an Amphicar club, even a Pontiac Aztek club.'s Scott Hamilton was quoted in it. I'll attempt to transcribe the applicable paragraphs here:

"...Perhaps the biggest factor behind car club proliferation is the Internet, which has let fans of all kinds of automotive esoterica find one another online. It's possible to find items ranging from a replacement windshield for a three-wheeled Cushman metermaid's cart to advice on the correct color scheme for a Checker taxi. Often, a web site formed initially for like-minded car owners to share stories and parts becomes the incentive for a real-world car meet.

That's what happened with the Ford Pinto Owners Club, which began in 1999, mainly as a source for information and parts for racers, collectors, and customizers (yes, of Pintos). Scott Hamilton was host of the web site, and this May organized its first national meet, in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. The Ford Pinto is a car with a considerable following, but not a lot of prestige. 'Some people ask why don't you get interested in something collectible, like Mustangs or Camaros,' said Mr. Hamilton, of Huntsville, Ala. 'We're used to it now.'

The club now serves about 4,000 Pinto enthusiasts, but the first meeting attracted only  20 owners--just enough for a small show by the side of the road.

The new car that is most likely to usurp the Pinto as the Rodney Dangerfield of collectible autos could be the Pontiac Aztek..."

There were a few various accompanying photos published with the article, but none of any Pintos.

Hey Scott, I lost your snail mail address, but if you can tell me where to find it here on the, or e-mail me directly with it, I have saved the NYT pages, and will be glad to send them along to you.

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The article can be viewed at:


Hey Scott, got your ears on? To what snail mail address can I send you this NY Times article?

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Scott Hamilton:

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