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Page 77 of the December 2010 issue shows a 77/78 Pinto. The caption in the photo says "Yeah, it's a brown Pinto, you got a problem with that?"


You had to really look hard to see it though.
But, if it was my car I would have been proud!

I am sure we would like to know who this is, Are you one of us?
Please let us know. The caption is a refreshing change from all
the BS that these uninformed people usually spout out!
I think they are realizing that WE are here to stay!!
Any one out there thinking the way I am?     
ps I think its a BBR -- Beautiful Brown Ride
                              Later   Dick   

That jerk on that tv show called "pickers" or something like that made a comment about Pintos. Needless to say I don't watch that idiot anymore...he's kind of an  :showback: anyways....IMO

I'm guessing it was derogatory... about them being "junk" or "blow-up exploding cars". If so then I agree with you... the guy is an arsehole.  :showback:   AAAAARRRRGGGGH HHH!!!!!


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