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Dear 71pintok,

I write for Motor Trend Classic magazine, and I've been tasked with writing a feature comparing the Ford Pinot against its contemporaries the Chevy Vega and AMC Gremlin. Your club appears to be robust and nationwide. Gremlins also seem to be ubiquitous. Vegas don't seem to enjoy the same level of ubiquity--apparently they rusted to oblivion in greater numbers than Pintos and Gremlins did. Anyway, I've found a really nice 1973 Vega on Long Island, NY. I was wondering if you might be able to put me in contact with a member with a stock Pinto, preferably 1971-1973, somewhere in that general area.

I also have a couple of lovely Gremlins in Palm Springs. If I can find a Vega, that would be a second potential location. The other day, I thought I found a nice small-bumper Pinto around there by clicking on the pins on your map, but today I can't seem to find it. If yours is stock and you're willing to drive from Toronto, that might be great too (the Vega has 5500 miles and he's less willing to road-trip in it). 

Anyway, any help you can provide would be most appreciated. Feel free to email me directly at

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If anyone wants to contact him be my guest.

He needs to get his butt down to knotts.

send him an e-mail we have to pump  up

Just sent a Email,and a picture!

he wants me to drive my car to long island new york too far for me anyone near there?


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