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Scott Hamilton:
Benjamin Hawk, Acquisitions Editor from Collectible Automobile/Consumer Reports emailed me today asking for STOCK pintos in great to excellent shape to put in the magazine.

He's looking for a Sprint, A MPG, early/late Wagon, early Runabout, Sedan, later runabout, Sedan...

He's looking to photograph these cars ASAP.

They are doing a story on Pinto & how collectable they are.

Please email him a picture ASAP if you have a STOCK canadate.

The more Pinto's we can give him the better we will be repesented to the car collector community at large.

Shawn Lively,
Stigler, Oklahoma
1977 Pinto Cruising Wagon

I have a 1975 Mercury Bobcat if he want something besides a Pinto...

is there a due date? cause mine is in the body shop..

Poison Pinto:

--- Quote ---They are doing a story on Pinto & how collectable they are.
--- End quote ---

For once I'm ahead of the trend! I usually get in on these things after they've run their course and are declining in popularity. Now I own my Pintos and others will be going, "Gee, that would be kind of neat to have one."



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