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Scott Hamilton:
Lauren Clark of CBS News/48 Hours contacted the PCCA and is looking for a Pinto to Rent in the Pasadena, LA area.

We are looking for a 1970-1974 yellow station wagon Pinto with wood paneling (or something that looks similar), on either Friday, June 29th or Saturday, June 30th in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area. It's for a story that we're working on the case of Frank O'Connell, who was convicted of murder in Pasadena back in 1985, due in part to eyewitness testimony saying that he had previously been seen driving the assailant's getaway car, a yellow Pinto. His conviction was recently overthrown as one of the eyewitness recanted his testimony, & O'Connell was freed after serving 27 years for a crime he always maintained he didn't commit.

Please Email - - for anyone who's interested. We can negotiate a rental fee.

Oh Kim, Bob Eicholz... Hollywood calling!

Yep, my 74 Yellow Squire I got from Fred would be perfect. I also have Nellie Belle, although she is gold. Problem is, LA is to far to go on a limited budget. LOL That and the yellow squire still needs to have her engine R&Red. I need to get Bob on that! :D

Scott Hamilton:


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