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I was watching it on tv the otherday on lot#1 they had a 76 Pinto with 7000 miles on it.It sold for a "world record" price of $ 11,000 US. Not too bad I guess. I won't sell mine for less then 1,000,000,000,000,000 thats a word record.

Hey Henry,

I did a search on their web site and saw this little guy. I think it showed $11,500.00, but that's awesome.


I looked on the site but coudn't find the Pinto. Anyone have a link or know where it was on there?


Click on "Car Search", choose "FORD" from the 'Car Make' selections.

Then type "Pinto" in the 'Car Model' field.

Click "Search".

Once the car details come up, click "Select" and it will come up (scroll down).

This car was sold last year at the Palm Beach event.

BTW, it won't hotlink, I think it is a Java or similarly powered site.


--- Quote from: douglasskemp on January 23, 2008, 09:47:18 PM ---

BTW, it won't hotlink, I think it is a Java or similarly powered site.

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Here's the details from the barrett jackson site...

 Lot  Year Make Model CarStyle Price    Auction
  1   1976 FORD PINTO COUPE    $11500   Palm Beach 2007

Vehicle Details
LotNumber 1
Year 1976
CarMake FORD
CarModel PINTO
CarStyle COUPE
ExteriorColor WHITE
Interiorcolor RED
Cylinders 4
Engine 140
Transmission AUTOMATIC
Summary 140cid/92hp Inline 4 with an automatic transmission.
All original with only one owner and 7,091 actual miles since new.


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