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Windshield Gaskets, bought one?


Scott Hamilton:
Looking for information here,

Has anyone purchased & installed a windshiled gasket from, PintoMagic, Pintony, or Dennis Carpenter repo parts?

A friend of mine, Jim Graig & my self have one & they both look to be too big.

I have a call in to Dennis Carpenter & the rest to start some kind of dialog but need input from everyone here..

72 sedan:
I'm anxious to see how this plays out as I am in real need of a new window gasket... and all other seals for that matter. I'd like to know of a one stop shop that has it all.    ...and have it all fit would be nice :)

Scott Hamilton:
The gaskets are not exact, I looked at a 78 that the gasket was just installed & it looked good but you do need to use sealer on the windshield.

Tony Peterson also made several gaskets & I have one of those, the installer had 2 of the 'repro' gaskets & the Pintony gasket & he said that he liked the Pintony gasket becasue it had a more of a lip on the interior from the 'repro'. Tony Peterson glued stock rubber together to get his gasket, looks good.

The bottom line is that both gaskets work ok, there is NOT an actual replacement gasket available, unless you can find a NOS part.

If you need a windshield gasket, ie yours is leaking, then by all means, one of thees will work fine.

I believe it's going to be several years before we have really good repro parts if at all.


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