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will it work? has anyone tried


Crazy idea for window run weatherstrip, has anyone tried using the one listed for the 79 mustang from steele rubber? Seems they could be similar in size, and with a little fanaggeling a guy could possibly get it to work. Any other cars that could be close?

 It is a bit of detective work to find suitable rubber replacement from other cars. Your best bet is to take a small piece to a self serve wrecking yard and see if anything matches. Years ago a late 70's Plymouth Sapporo door molding fit my '65 Plymouth Belvedere hard top and the late 90's Mazda MPV was a good donor for my '64 Studebaker.

That said the JY prices are getting crazy. Not that long ago I had the ability to hit two self serve yards within a mile of each other. One charged a flat rate of $3 for a whole door rubber seal. The other yard charges by the foot and I believe the price is now $2 per foot! For some doors that is pushing $25 for used rubber! I sure wish that one yard hadn't closed as it had been around since the late 1920's. But an aging owner, regulations and healthcare cost shut them down.


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