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white faced gauges!

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check this out white faced gauges on Ebay

The seller puts those up every now and again. I was interested in them. The only problem for me is that my gauges are square. I used to like the square look but, not anymore. Im going to get the round guage cluster and swap them in. I might get the whiteface stickers then.

Scott Hamilton:
I purchased a kit not too long ago, it looks simple to install it but I have not had the time.

Wow! I'd rather have black faces but, if I had an older Pinto thats what I'd do.

Hi Guy's,

I just did this,  I bought the white face overlays, then I got a sweet idea to do a custom finish on my gauges.  I emailed the guy and asked him if the overlays are available in clear, he said they were but they were $5 more.  I bought them anyway.  I spray painted my gauges white then rimmed them in a transparent blue that I got at the craft store. Comes in short spay cans, from Testor's (model car paint ).  They turned out great.  I figured out:  the trick to the overlays is to use a compass and mark them just big enough to cover the idiot light cutouts, then cut them out.  If you do it this way you don't get puckers around the edges or as many air bubbles.  They work great.

Bill in WV


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