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Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.  I guess it boils down to the attitude.  You use the right approach to ask about the price. I hope I didn't give the impression that I was disagreeing with you.

Going to list a set of new (NOS) lower ball joints for 71/73 Pintos soon. Seen listed for as high as $195.00 USD. I will not list them so high though ? RARE ! Prefer a Canadian get them, as any a person can find is (mostly) in the US.
Canadian can E-Transfer money.
In the US you can do a Global Transfer for money.
They will, of course be plus shipping.
I'll post price as soon as I decide......

$200.00 for the set + shipping.

20k USD or 25k CDN for my car.

Two State side people have been in touch , wanting my car.
Both refuse to be subjected to Trudopes internment camp/hotel BS that is mandatory, even if you have had the Vaccine.
 I hate LIEbrals  >:(


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