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tube front suspension

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I might pull the trigger, and buy these! My car needs the front suspension rebuilt, $225 for polygraphite pieces or $400 for these beuties. Has anyone tried them?

and the lower

straw boss:
Very interesting.  Who makes them, and do you know how much they weigh?

i got the picture from speedwaymotors .com  I'm not sure on the weight. Click on streetrod ans scroll down to mustang II suspension.

Heidt's Hot Rod Shop has what your looking for, check out the web sight. Suspension, big brakes all good stuff. The lower arms with the Carrera coil over are the way to go if you have a 1974 and up chassis, wont get the 71-73 chassis much lower than stock account the spring heights are diffrent. Carrera has springs that fit the 5in top frame and then taper to the 2.5 coil over adjuster in rates that you guys with v-8"s will need.


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