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Rear patch panels

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phils toys:
Good Morning Everyone,, The Lower Quarter Kits for the Pinto Bobcats are Here,, Its a 3 Part Kit that Has the Problem behind the Rear Wheel Taken Care of,, Kit has the Trunk Drop,, Wheel Well Repair Patch and the Outer Skin Assembly,, The Reason Why We Call the Outer Skin an Assembly is Because it is in 2 Parts and Spot Welded in a Jig,, It is the Same as we Found on a Factory OEM  or NOS Quarter Panel,, It also Had the Filler at Rear Spot welded. Patricia at Has the Pricing From Fab,, The 3 Part Kit will be $215. usd. Per Side,, And Parts are Available,, and I hear Fab has a few More Pinto Things in the Works,, Have a Great Day All, Joe

Hi....where can I find these?


--- Quote from: entropy on November 29, 2021, 01:32:45 AM ---Hi....where can I find these?

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You need use the email he posted. This is the same guy who has made floor pans for our cars. I have bought front floor pans from him with no problems.

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Just sent an e mail.....

quarters for wagons?


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