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This section is for listing of: places to buy 'hard to find' parts, part numbers, part suppliers, part manufacturers/remanufactuers, part substitution information, and information directly assosiated with these.

I have spent a little time going through some threads here, and so far I have found that 75% or more should be posted in other sections. This makes it harder for those people that are looking here for information.

Please folks, if you are selling something, or looking to buy parts, please use the sections for that. Getting and keeping this section 'cleaned-up' will take some time. As of this post, I did not even finish going through 1 page of 11. Most of the threads that were here I moved to where they should have been, but I deleted a few older ones (dead) as well.

Please continue to post and use this section, but please do it correctly:
If you find a part that will be a great substute for a Pinto part that is unavalible, or a sorce for a hard to find item, please post it here.
If you are LOOKING, doing research, or asking others for information on a part or idea, and want to post about it, please post in a different section. Once you have gathered information, please post it here.

Thank you,

Hi Bill, thanks on the info to correct the proper places to post. I hope I'll keep it straight.  I just acquired a pallet of new, again I stress new parts for Pintos from 76 to 79. Should receive this Thursday 10/17/19 it will take time to list and inventory what is received but will benefit our members. I thought of posting on ebay but would rather offer to pcca first.
Bob C.


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