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Author Topic: Pinto Wagon parts found!!  (Read 719 times)

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Pinto Wagon parts found!!
« on: May 20, 2019, 04:18:32 PM »
I was at the salvage yard today after using a parts locator page, it was a kinda out of the way salvage yard and they had a hood so I called, still there, $100 come check it out.

Got there and they had a 74-77 green wagon, had been hit in the passenger side front. By the looks of it, it has been there awhile. Hood was a little bent, (which my body guy was with me looking for parts for his 77 Mustang II Ghia, he said easy fix get it) so they came down to $75 on the hood. Also got the windshield for $100 with rearview mirror (nice and clear), and a dash pad for $75 and it only cost that because we were gonna wait for the guy to pull it.

The car still has a good front drivers side fender, beautiful doors with glass and intact black door panels and door pulls, very straight front bucket seats, (will need to be covered, but very usable as is) all the rest of the glass is still in the car, trim around the windows looked good, dash cluster looked pretty clean, center console with temp controls, (it is an A/C car) back door looked good from what I saw.

Basically what I am saying is if you need some primo wagon parts, most definitely call or email these folks.

Gurtz Auto Salvage
8435 Hwy 337 NW
Depauw, IN 47115

812 347-2350
800 736-2330

NOTE TO MODERATORS: I am not connected to and have no deal with these folks about any referrals just hate to see the remaining parts rust away or get sent to the crusher.

PS. They had a few mavericks, falcons, and a couple Mustang II's for those looking for a rear for your Pinto.

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