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Next Generation Mustang II V8 Engine Mounts

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I started up a design for new Mustang II engine mounts that are intended to fit just as the original factory units.  More info to come, for now you can check out this pic of my initial start:

I think I probably posted this in the wrong section.  :o

Right one I think.

The Mll (rubber) I have , have a factory pin through them.
I'll see if I have a pic. I also have the part number(s).....

Part number

  KF             7

Nice, I haven't seen what the rubber looks like yet. lol

What I'm not sure of yet, is if the driver side and passenger side are true mirrored designs of each other.  I know the engine side of the rubber is, but the body side bracket of the rubber looks like they are offset about 1/4" to 3/8".  It's hard to tell since my mounts have already been stripped of the rubber and prepared for the rebuild kit.  I figure I will have to make a jig to confirm those dimensions before I get too far.  I do have access to a V8 MII, except its buried in snow, and behind a few other cars.  Someone ripped that V8 all apart, so its just the block in the engine bay.  It may be the test mule for the FP engine mounts. lol

Some refinement I did today:

Problem with original Mll mounts are they are off set.
I ALWAYS center the engine / trans.

I forget how much , but it is well over an inch. (I posted it someplace)

I gave this set away knowing I'd never use them & do not approve of them.


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