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Next Generation Mustang II V8 Engine Mounts

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Does the driver side manifold still clear the steering shaft when the engine is centered?

I have never used manifolds. Always Headers.

Big R Motorsports has mounts listed for putting a V8 in a Pinto.  Never tried them, I have a V6 turbo and I4 turbo (soon…) in my Pintos.  Big R has lots of 2.3 turbo stuff, thats how I found the v8 mounts there,  the M-II mount rebuild kits are $100 or more these days (replaces the deteriorated rubber).   

Just checked classic auto reproductions and the mount rebuild kits are still $105.  I got a set for one of my M-IIs a while back.   Have a car with them already installed and it isnt harsh at all for engine vibrations (stock rebuild on the engine). 

I checked out big r, those mounts look very adjustable.  The top of the energy suspension bushing seems to take more space away from the header area than stock mounts.

The mounts I'm developing will be a direct replacement to stock MII engine mounts and would still work with stock V8 frame mounts.  The polyurethane rubber is cast into the mounts, and can be different levels of stiffness.  My end goal is drag and drive cars, so I'd like to have the option to make them almost solid mounts, while still able to cast stock feeling versions.  The Pinto frame mounts I want to make for V8 probably will not have all the adjustment slots.  Slots just introduce weak points.  I may make two versions, one set putting the v8 in the stock 2.3L bell housing position, and one with the 1" set back everyone says to do.  Each set would still work with stock MII engine mounts.  Personally I want to be able to remove the transmission with out pulling the engine.  So I want firewall space. 

Once Spring finally breaks through the snow around here, things will be happing faster for me. lol


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