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Need a back hatch, runabout 72


Scott Hamilton:
Hey guys,

Looking for a back hatch for a 72 runabout. I have my yellow 72 at the body shop & they said that the rear hatch is rusted out on the bottom inside where you can't see it.

It's highly unlikely that I will find one without this problem becasue this was a know issue with the runabout.

Anyone know of an NOS part or have one you just happen to have around?

Just thought I would ask....


If you have the Ford part number, do a search on www.partsvoice .com.  It'll more than likely turn up Green's as the NOS supplier.  Believe me their not cheap, but, you get what you pay for.   ;D

Bill in WV

Scott Hamilton:
I looked up the part number on the parts list on this site, & punched the number in at green sales & they have it..

Cool... If I would just use what I put out there I would be ok..



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