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Fuel tank for 74 wagon

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While on this subject does anyone know what year wagon
Gas tanks are adaptable
Hopefully all same
I have 3
2 are 1979
1 is 1980
I had all 3 restored
Dream is to take 2 wagons cut the back off both
Then join them together.
Making a 4 wheeled trailer
And pulling with my 1979 crusing wagon   with port hole windows
With the hockey stripe graphics package
Matching trailer
Need all three for fuel for camping generator and or water
But dreams dont always come true
If adaptabal I will keep you in mind

That would be pretty cool if you can do it, I have always liked matching trailer/tow vehicles. I currently own two El Caminos (technically, one of these is a twin cousin, a GMC Caballero) and a 3rd body on frame Elky without a front clip that I am hoping to turn into a trailer after I strip all useful parts.


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