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Author Topic: Found several Pintos for sale...of course, they are all at the West coast!  (Read 418 times)

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Hi friends!

There are several Pintos recently listed this weekend, and it seems like the West Coast have it all!  Lucky them! You may have seen them, but incase you haven' you go!

1972 Ford Pinto wagon with 66k miles and appears to be in a great shape.  The guy was hoping to transplant it with a turbo engine. but time got away. It comes with two Turbo engines...I woudl ask if it also comes with the original engine.

1979 Ford Pinto with interior and exterior decor group, air conditioning (not working) and runs well. Priced $5200:

1978 Ford Pinto with Mustang wheels for $2800 bucks-appears quite decent!

1977 Pinto Wagon with cruising panels being sold as a parts car for $400, complete with a 2800 V6 engine (pulled from car and in dry storage)

1979 Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon with an German engine installed (Maybe from among the early Pintos of 1971???) for $5000

1978 Ford Pinto Wagon with interior decor group- appears to be a good base for a project as the seller claims it runs great!

1977 Ford Pinto Squire; priced at 3500 bucks, but it needs lipstick and new wheels at the very least!

Happy Shopping!  Happy Motoring!

Happy Motoring!

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In CA, the only car not subject to smog checks is the '72 wagon with no drivetrain.
The seller of the '77 cruising wagon parts car was careful not to show that something fell through the windshield and collapsed the dash.

The seller of the '79 with a "German" V6 is talking about the "Cologne" V6 which is what came in V6 Pintos. That design was later carried into the Rangers and 4.0L Explorers.
In case anyone was or wasn't wondering.
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Yea, if you are into older cars and live in (most Counties of) California you have to get a biannual smog check for any car that is year 1976 and newer. Kiss of death to own one here. There are a few obscure counties (North Eastern California comes to mind) where you don't have to get a smog check on a bi-annual basis. HOWEVER, you still need the smog check on change of ownership.

Some try and circumvent the laws by registering their vehicles in another state. Had a neighbor that was moving back to Minnesota in a few years. A plate reader caught his brand new $40,000+ truck with much cheaper Minnesota plates a number of times beyond the 10 days allowed for transfer and they tracked him down. He put the new truck in the backyard (it was at least 6 months) and in the summer he trailered it to Minnesota. By the time he moved there his two year old truck had only a few thousand miles on it. But at $900+ a year to register it in California he was willing to do without it until he retired.