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Ford Pinto being Auctioned from the famous Pugley's collection

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I came across a 1971 Ford Pinto with an early UK engine in one of the auction listings. It looked really nice, and appears to be well-cared for as part of the well-known Pugly's collection. Hopefully one of you would be interested bidding on it, to ensure it goes to a good home!  I am not in the position to make a bid, as I am still working on my Pandemic project!

Happy Motoring!

Looks like a nice one!

Dwayne :)

Isn't it interesting how the front seats seldom get photographed. How gullible do they think we are? I guess we are to assume they are beautiful.

What a nice Pinto! That would look good rolling in with the Stampede! The lowly Pinto was a huge success and how many other sub-compacts of the era have such a huge following today? Vega? Not hardly. The Pinto had great styling, suspension, tight steering, low and wide like an import sports car and they were a blast to drive! And it was an American built Ford! The 1.6 and the 2.0 were race proven engines over seas and you could rev the daylights out of them without a whimper. The Chevy purists were stuck with the Vega with the "weight saving all aluminum engine of the future" that 15,000 miles in were burning more oil than gas!  ;D 

I always thought that the designer of the Pinto was Robert Eidschun.
That's what I read on the internet.


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