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Desert Valley received another Pinto


I get newsletters from Desert Valley Dismantling yard as they are an excellent source of desert dry body parts. They just received a 1974 Pinto, so take a look to see if there's pany parts that you need?

Happy Motoring,

i need   a set of clutch pedals as i want to change my car from an automatic to a 5 speed some day .. i may check with them .. i also need a rear end but i think i will just make one from a 8 inch out of something else .. a friend has several mustang 2 8 inch rears but he wont sell me one . 

I was told there are FOUR different pedal arrangements used in Pinto and I believe that is not including the Automatics! I'm sure the change from 71-73 to the Mustang II based cars is one of the changes. I think that booster/Non-booster was another and the fourth??? I never knew this until I attempted to put 79 ESS pedals in my 73 and they didn't fit. Thankfully the late Fred Morgan was willing to do a swap with me and we met up at Knott's. So, just make sure you have you are getting the proper year/type pedals. Also make sure you get the connection pins/clips, plastic bushings etc.. Most of the plastic bushings are worn but something is better then nothing.

Wow! I learned something new! I had no idea that there were three different pedal assemblies! I presumed that all parts were kept the same from 1971 through 1976 except for trim pieces until 1977/78 front facias and 1979/80 front fenders. Thanks for the lesson of the day!


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