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D1FZ1102B, D1FZ-1102-B, D1FZ-1102B 71-73 Ford Pinto Rotor

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Scott Hamilton:

Can't find one? I may have a solution...  It's a pricy one but I'm not apologizing for that. As more folks utilize this path, the prices should come down. I wanted an exact replacement- I just did. I did find one NOS rotor for $200 but could not find another. So after calling many folks and shops, I was put in touch with Coleman Racing products who said they could reproduce them exactly. I sent them my only NOS rotor and they created a separate hub and rotor assembly where if I need a rotor in the future, I just replace the rotor part, not the hub and rotor. I will put all the details on how to get these if your interested. NOS rotor on right side.

Scott Hamilton:
More Pics of the rotor.

Scott Hamilton:
Installing them I found that the dust shield bolts and lower caliper mount bolt interfered with the rotor to hub assembly bolts. (See Pic-Caliper bolt on top with 1 of the dust shield bolts below- note: dust shield removed) I had to replace the dust shield bolts with socket button head 3/8" 16 x1/2" bolts I ordered from Bolt Depot for $38. (See Pic) I had to grind them down slightly to clear (See Pic-NOS dust shield bolt on left). Since I could not use the star washers, I put Loctite on the bolts. Also had to grind down the lower caliper bolt- (See Pics).

Scott Hamilton:
Lower Caliper bolt ground down to fit.

Scott Hamilton:
Again, I'm not apologizing for the cost although once you replace your rotors with these, you only need to replace the rotor part if needed in the future. All bearings and races /parts remain NOS- off the shelf.

ColeMan Racing
N-1597 US-41 Menominee Mi. 49858
Talk to Larry or Glenn

Part Number = Hamilton-1-Hub
(initial cost- to make/design them, prices should go down now that they are made)

Part Number = H81-1000-150

Hope this helps someone... :)


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