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D1FZ1102B, D1FZ-1102-B, D1FZ-1102B 71-73 Ford Pinto Rotor

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Scott Hamilton:

--- Quote from: Bullitt4248 on January 05, 2021, 02:44:45 PM --- They will still make them - $375 per hub - $100 per rotor = out of my range !

--- End quote ---
Good to know...

Hi All,
Posted last year looking for rotors. Found this great resource thanks to Scott. This is just a historical supply chain update. Coleman can still make these, but I think I came along at the right time to ask and keep the dream alive.
As of 6/2021, I took delivery of these rotors and hubs from Coleman. It took a little convincing of the newer sales guy, but once I got him on the right page he dug up the drawings and they busted out the hubs and rotors with about an 8 week lead time. The ONLY N American outfit to make it happen, so greatful.

Scott, thanks for saving me time with your thorough documentation. The button head dust shield bolts were much easier seen ahead of time. Only had to install the hubs once! :)
Since putting the rotors on, I've run my 71 Runabout (only car I own) from SF-LA-Eureka, CA, and back to SF, with lots of daily driving in between. Coleman Racing, Scott H, and Pinto Car Club for the WIN!!!


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