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D1FZ1102B, D1FZ-1102-B, D1FZ-1102B 71-73 Ford Pinto Rotor

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Scott Hamilton:
I have not been able to find any (calipers) in a while. I purchased rebuild kits to keep me going. :)

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FYI, Rock Auto is doing a closeout on a lot of early Pinto brake parts right now. No rotors of course, but friction parts, wheel seals, etc.

Wow, thermostat gaskets for THREE CENTS!

  The new camshaft for $45 was an interesting find. A reground cam for my Corvair is $99 and a new one $259. We may gripe about the cost of early rotors for Pinto's but I'm finding the Corvair is not the inexpensive collector car it is often heralded as.

It seems like almost overnight (it is realistically is a few years) "parts cars" went from $200-$800 to $2,500-$4,000. Get what you can get..., while you can still get it.

l have the entire early disc brake setup from the Pintoracer, Spindles, rotors, bearings, calipers and pads if anyone is interested. But my gawd the shipping costs on something that heavy..... :o

 They will still make them - $375 per hub - $100 per rotor = out of my range !


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