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A few front suspension sources

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Ill save ya some steps.
PST's orginal performance rebuild kit

PST's polygraghite rebuild kit

Energy Suspension bushings

Performance Suspension graphite impregnated poly kit

They all sell more than what Ive put here.

Heres another
Racer Walsh

Also don't forget to check some of the Street Rodders sites for Mustang II front end parts like spindles and larger brake kits and stuff... My lowered spindles are Heights Steel Spindles, good deal for $350

Thanks for the tip.
Do you mean Heidt's Hot Rod Shop? I found a few adds in  the September issue of Rod and Custom.
They have 2" drop spindles for $319.00 a pr.
A little much for me right now. But the more I look the more I want em.  :-\
I need to check out the web site.

OK, so my spelling sucks, but ya got the idea...


--- Quote from: TurboPintoDude on August 10, 2003, 02:18:15 PM ---OK, so my spelling greats, but ya got the idea...

--- End quote ---
Look at my posts, I spell the same way.  ;D
I dont care how you spell just as long as you keep answering my questions.  ;) ;D

Thanks for your help so far.


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