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2000 Long tube header


73 wagonracer:
I have a  two piece header . I believe its a headman header. Great condition .Has been bead balsted and is raedy for paint or coating. $75 OBO

73 wagonracer:

I did a littl reserch and found out that this hedman header is no longer being produced.

Hedman Hedders, 562-921-0404, Cerritos, Ca. Hedman Hedders online catalog

2.0 Pinto: P/N 48020 This is a two-piece header, which requires welding of
some clips for bolts to connect the two pieces. Don't weld the two pieces
together directly! Since the 4 cylinder engine vibrates so much, welding the
two pieces together causes cracking of the pipes. I know this from
experience! Header exits under the floor of the car, pointing to the back


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