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Title: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: 74turbowagon on February 27, 2013, 10:05:45 AM
I have a 74 wagon with a 2.3 and want to swap out the 4 speed and put in a world class T5 I have what's all involved to do it and any major or a simple swap ... Thanks
Title: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: Billnparts on March 08, 2013, 04:42:23 PM
I used a Turbo Coupe bell housing. Cable still worked with minimal modification. Grab the driveshaft yoke as well. It's that easy

Title: Re: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: OhSix9 on March 08, 2013, 06:54:04 PM
what's the t5 from?
Title: Re: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: D.R.Ball on March 09, 2013, 10:45:01 AM
The T-5 should be from any Ford car with a 2.3 engine.Check to make sure that's it's a World Class but, a normal T-5 would work it your not drag racing etc....The T-5 from V-8 and V-6 has a different input shaft etc.As for the Turbocoupe bell housing make sure your using one that is not a 1987-1988 because that's a hydraulic system instead of using a cable unless you want one.
Title: Re: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: Wittsend on March 09, 2013, 05:14:21 PM
You need to take the transmission crossmember and reverse it (simply install it backwards).  The bolt holes on the crossmember (for the rubber mount) need to be slotted as far back as possible.  I highly recommend large, thick washers to compensate for the metal removed.

My Pinto was originally an Automatic, but assuming the hole in the floor is the same, the hole needs to be enlarged forward about 3"- 4."  This leaves the shifter rather forward.  It was quite a bit of trial and error to get the shifter where I liked it. I'm 6 ft. tall and prefer the shift rather far back. I only accomplished this by shortening the shifter height, altering the inclined angle and moving it rearwards with a plate.  Be careful regarding the angle. What looks acceptable, and what properly moves the transmission through the selector gates is a very fine line. You would think it doesn't matter, but it does.  BTW, the shifter boot is from the Turbo Coupe.

As was stated above you can not used the 87-88 bell housing. I used an 85-86 "Bell Crank" style.  Make sure you get the linkage and don't lose the short intermediate cable.

The clutch cable has issues with the crossmember. Some have notched the crossmember, but that is a lot of work and could possibly weaken it.  A much easier fix is a short, but strong metal piece about 2"X1" about 1/4" thick.  Drill a hole for the cable on one end and another to put a large bolt through where the cable formerly attached to the bell housing.  I also welded on a small anti rotate tab in case the bolt ever came loose.  This bracket moves the cable outward slightly and the bell crank linkage needs a slight bending to better line up with the cable.

Those are the major issues.  I went from a C-4 / 6-3/4" to a T-5 / 8" and the driveshaft fit perfectly without any modification.  I don't know going from a manual.

  Lastly, be careful regarding the cable gear for the speedometer.  I used the one off the C-4, and then found out it had a tip that caused it to bind internally on the case.  This caused the ring gear on the shaft to back off.  Had I not had an ideal piece of pipe (from an old stand style lamp), I would have had to pull the tailshaft to reset it.

Slotted Crossmember
Installed clutch cable offset bracket
Shifter, location, shortened, moved rearward
Close Up clutch cable offset bracket

Title: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: 74turbowagon on March 25, 2013, 12:01:54 PM
Thanks everyone I have a idea know on how to do the swap appreciate everyone's input
Title: 1974 wagon 2.3 T5 swap
Post by: 74turbowagon on March 25, 2013, 12:03:45 PM
T5 is a world class