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Welcome new Site Moderator, dga57

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Scott Hamilton:
Hey All,
Let's welcome new site Moderator dga57 aka Dwayne!
Dwayne has been with us for a very long time and has been very diligent in welcoming in new members daily among other tasks. When I got a chance to meet Dwayne at an Oklahoma meet and then again during the 2011 Stampede- I knew he would do us all proud.  He also understands that this site belongs to everyone and no one person is the driving factor.
 'WE'  (ALL) are the PCCA/

Congratulation s Dwayne! :D

Thanks Dave!
I'm not 100% sure what all this will involve, but when Scott approached me about it I told him was willing to do whatever I could to help out the PCCA/  I'll be learning as I go, so please be patient with me.
Dwayne :)

Congrats Dwayne, Welcome to the Dark Side  :)

Norman Bagi:
Welcome Dwayne!!!!  Hang on it could get bumpy!!  :P


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