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Scott asked me to post this poll to gauge interest in publishing a magazine dedicated to the history, preservation and restoration of the Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat. Minimum run on a real magazine is going to be 200 units, and at this point in time shelf space in a book store is not a guarantee by any means. Subscriptions will be what drives the boat. I will look at advertisers, though at this point I have not contacted any. If you have suggestions or thoughts on the idea, please PM me or post them in this thread. Another factor in this decision will be material contributed for publication, such as how-to's, car and owner profiles and things of that sort. If you ever wanted a shot at showing your stuff to the Pinto world, this is it. Thanks for your time.


phils toys:
sounds like i good idea to me.


My vote is yes, I would support it.   ;D



Scott Hamilton:
Excellect Idea...  Matt has the full support of


  Interestingly, and no joke - this idea went through my mind this week. There is a certain need for a publication of this type. My personal opinion is that the Pinto "field is ripe" for harvesting, and this would be a substantial benchmark towards establishing recognition of these vehicles. As a former subscriber to Gameroom magazine (also, a low circulation pub), as a pinball hobbyist I was always interested in hearing stories of fellow enthusiasts and their efforts towards restoration.

  Being heavily involved in both pinball for the last 10 years, and model railroading many years before that, I drove a personal effort towards suppoting both hobbies in printed matter and personal "appearances".  I am a published author of 10 articles concerning model trains between the years 1995 and 1998, in Model Railroader, and Mainline Modeler magazines. These articles contained substantial information including history, photographs, AutoCAD drawings, and detailed text of my efforts.

 In addition, I began putting together a book on the subject of pinball (which has been my hobby for the past ten years), though I never got it off the ground. That was a real labor of love which, well, I found little time for, though I have lots of text written. I have also given a number of public seminars at pinball shows, talking about cabinet and playfield restoration, replete with examples of my work.

  Since I now have a car and am in the process of learning a great deal about these automobiles (including, taking one apart and restoring it  ;)), I guess what I am trying to say is:

1) I am ALL for this effort
2) I would happily be a contributing author
3) I will support the effort any way I can

I hope this works out, and if there is anything I can do, please let me know. Feel free to contact me direct at any time, thanks!



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