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I'm all for it but what would be the run(bi-monthly, monthly, ect) and the cost to us?


Regarding the run and the cost, I don't have firm numbers to work with other than to say I need a run of 200 copies, which, in terms of printing cost alone, will be just over $5 per copy. That does not include any layout work, fees or postage, or any other surprise costs I am unaware of at this point in time. My hope was to do semi-monthly for a total of 6 issues per year as a starting point. If there are outside contributors, such as Chris from the prior post, who can add content, as in text, photos etc, then it may be possible to do more issues. If I'm flying solo for all content, then it will be six issues to start for the first year. I currently subscribe to Auto Restorer, a semi-monthly magazine that charges $7.50 per copy for 32 pages. I would like to be below that cost. It will depend on what, if any advertising is sold, and the number of issues printed. Big price breaks come in at 1000 copies and up. Right now I'm not even thinking of a number that large.


I would welcome any help, suggestions and contributions from long before day one. Lets try to get in touch in the next week or so and see what we can come up with.

Growing up with Dan Esslinger I can add heavily to the early Pinto engine modifications, Pinto dune buggys, Turbo Pintos etc. It would be great to have some chapters on this type of stuff.

There is a place for all Pintos and modifications. When the time comes, if you will put some stuff together on different topics such as you mentioned, I will gladly include them. My wit and wisdom only go so far, after that, I need help!

Thanks, I will write some copy and send it to you.


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