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PCCA Offical Pinto Registry.... Open for postings and refinement.


Scott Hamilton:

The PCCA Pinto Registry is open for everyone to list their cars with VIN, Specifics and other information that is searchable. Ownership of the registry entry can be transferred to a new owner if sold creating a type of 'history' for our rides.

Please post your Pintos and Bobcats and help us know what additional fields or information need to be included.

Look for the 'Registry' at the top of the page and click 'add item' or click the link below.;sa=add;cat=5

Tried to use the Pinto Registry but keep ending up with  (  An Error has Occurred  ) message , do not know if it is the computer at work or not , will try again when I home , Blaine  in Mississippi  :o

Scott Hamilton:
Oops- permission issue- I think it's fixed- let me know..


Great , posted my stats on one of my pintos, it worked  :-* , but how to resize the photo, the one I posted takes up the right side and can not see the car ,  thanks Blaine  :o

Scott Hamilton:

Working with developer to automatically resize this images- you can remove the image and resize it to max 500 pixels width and re upload or wait until we have a solution on the scripting side.


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